Design project includes:

  • Measurement plan with reference to utilities system
  • Plan for the dismantling of parting walls, structures and utilities
  • Plan of erected parting walls and structures
  • Planning concept (layout)
  • Furniture layout plan with dimensions
  • Plumbing equipment layout plan
  • Floor covering plans
  • Layout plan for underfloor heating with binding of thermostats
  • Ceiling plan, moldings and boards
  • Plan of lighting equipment with reference to switches by groups
  • List of lamps. List of switches
  • Layout plan for sockets and low-voltage networks
  • List of sockets and electrical leads
  • Summary list of electrical installation products
  • Layout plan of the indoor units of the air conditioner
  • Doorway filling plan, list of doorways
  • Flat drawings of all the walls in rooms, bathrooms and loggias
  • Room finishing list (floor, ceiling, walls, doors, plumbing)
  • Collages for all spaces
  • 3D visualizations for each room
  • Specification and estimate of equipment, finishing materials and furniture that are present in the interior
We develop interior design projects for residential and commercial premises.

Project development period - from 3 months
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Stages of work on the project

Stages of work on the project
1. Preparation step

  • Signing an agreement
  • Measurement and photographic fixation of the object.Measurement of the object is not included in the total cost of the project, it is carried out by the contractor and is paid additionally upon measurement.
  • Filling the terms of references together with clients. We discuss in detail the content of each room, focusing on the request of clients and selecting references for the future project together. This allows us to work with the most complete and up-to-date information from the very beginning. The brief helps us get to know you better and understand your needs.
2. Planning concept (layout)

  • Several options for elaborated planning solutions with logically delimited zones, functional storage systems and ergonomic furniture.
3. Concept development

  • Preparation of collages on stylistic, color solutions and ideas for the future interior, development of mood and concept boards, where you can see not only the main color combinations, textures and pieces of furniture, but also the configuration of complex elements in the interior.
4. 3D visualisations

  • Photorealistic images of your future interior with carefully selected finishing materials, furniture and lighting.
  • You will be able to fully imagine your future home and see each room from several angles.
5. Technical documentations

  • A detailed album of technical drawings with full specifications necessary for the work and implementation of the design project by the construction team and other contractors of the project.
6. Specifications

  • A detailed list of finishing materials, plumbing, equipment, lighting, furniture used in the project, with prices and quantities to calculate and understand the total budget of the project.
Architectural supervision, decorating and completing
Architectural supervision, decorating and completing
Architectural supervision is the control over the implementation of the finished design project at all its stages.

It includes:

  • Regular visits to the construction site (4 visits per month), if the object is located within Moscow and the Moscow region. We also do it remotely by zoom if the object is located in another city or country.
  • Check the compliance of construction work with the technical specification and the quality of work performed at the construction site.
  • Making adjustments to the technical drawings that arose after the dismantling / erection of parting walls, leveling floors, walls and ceilings and other discrepancies allowed during construction
  • Regular consulting builders on technical issues by phone
Architectural supervision
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  • Finding all the necessary items choosing the best price-quality ratio and responsible suppliers, preparing and checking invoices
  • Calculation and ordering of the required amount of materials, excluding oversupply and waste of extra funds
  • Visits design’s shops and saloons to select color combinations, textures, upholstery, facades and other materials in accordance with the design project
  • Selection of finishing materials in accordance with the design project
  • Selection of electrical equipment (sockets and switches)
  • Selection of lamps (ceiling, wall, floor lamps)
  • Selection of furniture and home decoration
  • Control and tracking the production of custom-made furniture and accessories
  • Tracking the timeliness of deliveries to the site
  • Conduct of negotiations on the replacement of materials and furniture in case of defective deliveries
  • Selection of similar options for furniture, finishing materials and other equipment when they are removed from production without changing the concept of the design project
  • Preparation of the complete estimate for the project in a Google spreadsheet with detailed descriptions, links and calculation of the exact budget
  • Make a schedule of purchase and delivery of the needed equipment and furniture to the site

Architectural supervision, completing and decoration services are agreed individually depending on the area and distance of the object, as well as on the scope of the assigned tasks.
Decorating and completing
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