How many people will work on my project?
Each design project is under the control of the responsible designer and the project manager. 

Direct communication between the designer and the client allows us to bring to life all the wishes of the client as much as possible, it is easy and comfortable to work together for several months, while the design project of the dream house is being created.

Now our studio has 5 designers, including the chief designer. We choose a specialist individually for the tasks of each project.

The designer fully thinks over the concept of the future space, the layout, makes collages and color combinations, and prepares all the working and technical  documentations. 

Such a full cycle provides even more control and quality of the final result, and also reduces the risk of errors.

On each project also work:

  • High qualified specialist that creates photo realistic 3D visualizations with carefully selected finishing materials, furniture and lighting. As well as a draftsman who prepares all the necessary documentation to start the repair.
  • At the completing with the equipment stage, a picking manager is involved who deals with all purchases for repairs: goes to stores and selects materials, finds suppliers with the best prices, orders the right amount of materials with our personal discounts, coordinates the delivery and quality of the brought material.
  • Then, at the stage of repair and architectural supervision, our partners, construction teams, with whom we have been cooperating for quite a long time and are managing various objects, are involved in the work.
Here is a team working on creating the perfect interior apart from a large number of contractors and suppliers at each stage of cooperation.
Do you consider the client's budget when choosing materials, furniture, etc.?
Of course, we always focus on the customer's budget, and we work with many trusted stores and salons of different price categories.

We develop a design project as ergonomically as possible, taking into account all the wishes of the customer, priorities, hobbies, habits, lifestyle and, of course, financial preferences.

This allows us to develop interesting and non-standard projects that are not only beautiful in appearance, but also combine convenience, practicality and comfort for each specific client.
What does the project consist of?
Design project includes:

  • Measurement plan with reference to utilities system
  • Plan for the dismantling of parting walls, structures and utilities
  • Plan of erected parting walls and structures
  • Planning concept (layout)
  • Furniture layout plan with dimensions
  • Plumbing equipment layout plan
  • Floor covering plans
  • Layout plan for underfloor heating with binding of thermostats
  • Ceiling plan, moldings and boards
  • Plan of lighting equipment with reference to switches by groups
  • List of lamps. List of switches
  • Layout plan for sockets and low-voltage networks
  • List of sockets and electrical leads
  • Summary list of electrical installation products
  • Layout plan of the indoor units of the air conditioner
  • Doorway filling plan, list of doorways
  • Flat drawings of all the walls in rooms, bathrooms and loggias 
  • Room finishing list (floor, ceiling, walls, doors, plumbing)
  • Collages for all spaces
  • 3D visualizations for each room
  • Specification and estimate of equipment, finishing materials and furniture that are present in the interior

See the example of the interior design project.
Why is the project taking so long? Can it be made faster?
On average, it takes about 2.5-3 months to create a design project for an apartment of 100 sq. m. The design time depends on the area of ​​object, the complexity of the project and the speed of decision-making by the client.

The work on the project is carried out in stages:

  1. Work on the creation of a design project begins with measurements and photographic fixation of the object by our specialists as well as the meeting with the client to discuss and draw up detailed terms of references. 
  2. Next, a preliminary design is carried out: you will get several options for planning concepts, sketches and collages on the stylistic, color scheme and ideas for the future interior.
  3. After the preliminary design is approved according to the selected planning concept, we make a photorealistic 3D visualization with carefully selected finishing materials, furniture and lighting for each room. 
  4. After agreeing on the 3D visualization, we proceed to prepare an album of technical drawings with detailed specifications necessary for the work and implementation of the design project by the construction team and other contractors of the project.
  5. The final stage is the development of a specification with a detailed list of finishing materials, plumbing, equipment, lighting, furniture used in the project, with prices and quantities to calculate and understand the total project budget

You can find the detailed information about the project’s stages and its examples by the link.
What if I do not like the design project? 
Before proceeding to the first stage of creating a design project, we always hold a meeting with the client, talk, show references, discuss the project and client’s wishes for the future design. During this meeting, we understand whether we have a common vision for the project. Next, the customer fills out a detailed brief with questions that help us create exactly what the client wants.

Sometimes it happens that the designer and the potential client see the work on the project differently. In our opinion, this is absolutely normal, people's opinions may differ.
It is very important to choose the right designer so it will be easy and comfortable for you to work together for several months while the design project of your dream home is being created.

However, we are convinced that if at the first stage you carefully fill out the brief, tell all your wishes and ideas about the design, a competent specialist will always hear you and try to make the project the way you imagine it.
How is the interaction with the designer going?
After the first contact by phone or messenger, there is a meeting at which we get to know each other and discuss a further plan of action. Next, our experts go to measure the object. Following communication in the process of creating the project takes place remotely by phone, via WhatsApp, Telegram or email. Usually for the entire period of work there are only 2-3 meetings with the designer. When we work remotely with other cities, all meetings can be held online.
Who is doing the replanning? 
Registration and coordination of documents for the redevelopment of the apartment are carried out by organizations that have permission to provide these services. They develop a replanning project and prepare all the necessary documents for official submission to the technical institution and subsequent approval.

This service is extra charge and it is not included in the design project.
Why is the architectural supervision needed and how does it work?
First of all, architectural supervision is control over the implementation of the created design project. The second big plus of architectural supervision is that our team controls all stages of the repair, thereby freeing up your time for other equally important matters.

During architectural supervision, our team consults builders, checks the compliance of the project with working drawings and also controls the quality of the work performed by regularly visiting the facility if it is located in Moscow or within the Moscow region ore remotely by zoom. 

If we are also engaged in completing your project, then trips to stores to select and order all the necessary equipment at the best price-quality ratio, their verification and coordination of deliveries - all this is undertaken by our team.

During construction, it is necessary to regulate many technical issues, and sometimes it is needed to make some changes to the design project, since new input data appears. 

Under architectural supervision, we select not only colors but necessary shades for walls, floors, furniture specifically for your apartment and your lighting.

You can find the detailed information about the architectural supervision and see the completed projects by the link 

See the completed project in Ekaterinburg

See the completed project in Moscow
 Who is in charge of purchases of finishing materials?
Can I buy everything by myself?

If you take the competing equipment service, then our team is engaged in all purchases. We take care of all the steps:

  1. We go to stores and select materials
  2. We find suppliers with the best price-quality ratio. 
  3. We order the right quantity with our personal discounts
  4. We coordinate the delivery and check the quality of the brought material

See the budget’s example

You can also purchase everything you need for the repair by yourself. When creating a design project, we prepare for you a detailed specification with a volume and links to all positions.
What to do if a tile or some of the materials came with a defect or crashed at a construction site?
It is very important at the time of delivery and acceptance to check all materials for their integrity. If something is broken, you should immediately send it back to the supplier and draw up an act. 

If it was crashed already at the construction site, you can do the following things: 
  1. Check and discuss with the master builder how critical it is and whether it is possible to use it further. Sometimes some materials, such as tiles, can be cut.
  2. If the tile is broken due to the fault of the builders and it cannot be used, the builders are obliged to order it at their own expense.
Where can I find a construction team?
We have several construction teams with whom we have been cooperating for quite a long time and are conducting various projects.
You can also find a construction crew on your own with the recommendation of your friends.

It is important to know: before concluding a contract, you should be sent a detailed repair budget describing all stages of work, necessary materials, terms and cost. 
It is also necessary to have a look at the portfolio of completed projects in order to understand how the level of their work meets your expectations.
No less important is the moment of comfortable communication with the team, because you have to be in constant contact for quite a long time.
How can I check the work of builders?
If you do not specialize in this sphere, it is better to call a qualified person who can check not only the external finishing work, but also the electrical and plumbing wiring, the operation of the shield and the piping. This is the work that is not visible, but it is the "face" of the builders. Professional builders do this work clearly and accurately.
How to understand that a designer is a professional in his field?
In our opinion, a designer should have a higher education in this field, as well as some experience of working with different projects and clients. 
Be sure to ask if the projects created by the designer have been implemented, look at the portfolio, pay attention to the reviews and literacy of information presentation and the availability of a website or other platform with a description of services.
A competent designer not only listens, but also hears your wishes and preferences, gives really practical advice, focusing on his professional experience.